Our Narratives. Our Stories.

Illuminating our icons, embracing our influence, and empowering our youth

Eko Pacific is an ode to our African heritage. As an organization that empowers Black creatives, we bring together the little pieces of home through our collective sharing of the stories of our culture. Inspired by Lagosian themes of courage, resilience, beauty, hope, and love, we are cultivating a safe space of expression and fellowship.

We are inspiring creatives to share their unique stories as we bring to life the beauty of our culture and art in a space that values identity and authenticity.

Our mission is to connect and empower Black creatives with a focus on telling authentic stories of our heritage and craft the narratives for our collective future.

We are our stories

Our heritage is what defines us. For many of us who migrate from our homelands, a touch of home brings us euphoria and immense pride. It also gives us a chance to reflect on our origins with reverence.

We are ambassadors of our home – Eko – from the Atlantic shores to the Pacific coast. We are dedicated to promoting Black dynamism by building a uniquely immersive Lagosian experience for all. We are the rhythm that moves popular culture – we are the indies. We are the mainstream and we are the alter-natives.

Eko Pacific seeks to share our stories and the narratives that shape our culture unapologetically. We are a community amplifying our voices and expressions as we reclaim and re-engage our heritage and chart a course towards the future.

Eko Pacific believes in the power of Black stories and encouraging Black creatives to shape our narratives. We are the voice of our generation. We will share with purpose.